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Download the User Manual for
Model 501, 601 and 701

S-Cut 501, 601 och 701 (Medtech)

Infosheet 501
Infosheet 501
Infosheet 601/701
Infosheet 601/701

Brochure S-CUT 501 English
Brochure S-CUT 501 German

Articles and reports

Article AJEM 2010 Scut Aune et al English
S-CUT Region Skåne, Ambulansen Ängelholm
Quality assurance S-CUT Amb Region Skåne
Performance Study report S-CUT vs scissor SS SU (English)

S-Cut XC-E

Infosheet XC-E
Infosheet XC-E English
Infosheet XC-E German

S-Cut QE

Infosheet QE (Swedish)
Infosheet QE English
Dépliant en français (French)
Flugblätter in deutscher Sprache (German)



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